Version 1.0.3 cannot find the manual

I’ve just downloaded and installed 1.0.3, using the “check for updates” route, and it seems to be working okay. Except that when I go to Help/Scrivener manual, I get a message saying that Scrivener cannot find the manual and that reinstalling scrivener will fix this.

So in order to re-install I searched for the downloaded installer. I have no idea where it was put. In searching for it I do find in program files\scrivener\resources both versions (A4 and Letter) of the manual, dated 11/7/2011.

So I ask:
Has the manual been updated too, or is the 11/7 version still good?
How can I get Scrivener to find it with a couple of simple clicks on the Help menu?
If there is a new version of the manual, how can I get it?
And if I need to reinstall, where is the install.exe? The old install program from 1.0.0 was left on my desktop, the “check for updates” method did not ask me where to put the download, and it did not go into my normal default download folder. And of course I cannot use “check for update” now because it already tells me that my program is up to date.


The file it’s looking for is called “manual-win-letter.pdf”, so if you only have ones called something like 1_0-1b-manual and so on, it won’t find them. You can download the latest version of the manual from the webpage here and then save it in the Resources folder with that name and the link will work again.

Could you let me know which version of Scrivener you updated from?

Thanks, Jennifer.

I downloaded from 1.0.1

I had skipped number 2. Is skipping an update a no-no that I should avoid in the future? And am I now fully updated, or was there something, besides the manual, in 1.0.2 that I didn’t get in 1.0.3?

Skipping shouldn’t be a problem, but as apparently somewhere along the trail something happened with the manual, I’m just trying to back-trace and figure out where it was and who doesn’t have it now. Normally it’s just the Scrivener.exe file that gets altered during the updates, so no, you should be fine and have what you need. I will run this all by Lee though, just to double-check. Worst case scenario all you’d need to do is download the full 1.0.3 installer and run that, but as I said, I really don’t think it’s necessary–I think the issue here came about from a name change in the file and file path for the link.

Thanks again, Jennifer

Maybe the manual with the new name came in with version 1.0.2 and version 1.0.3 expected it to be there, but it wasn’t there because I had skipped 2.

I downloaded the manual as suggested. It comes in as “scrivener-manual-win-letter.pdf” but scrivener still will not find it unless it is renamed, removing “scrivener-” and leaving the name as “manual-win-letter.pdf” But all okay once you do that.

I guess that computers still don’t do what you want them to do, only what you tell them to do.

Just fyi – I updated from version 1.0.2 with Help>Check for Updates, and I got this same problem.

Same problem here and I downloaded the PDF and saved it in the resources folder…but get the same error.

OK, I did the renaming of the saved file and it now appears to work OK. Seems a problem to get resolved.

Yes, Lee’s aware of the issue and it will be corrected with the 1.0.4 update when that’s available. For now, you can resolve this yourself by downloading the manual from the support page linked above and then saving it in the “resources” directory of your installed Scrivener directory (probably in Program Files or, if you installed as a standard user, Documents) and renaming it “manual-win-letter.pdf”. (Sorry I was unclear about the need to rename in my earlier post.)