Version 1.2.2 available - update bug gone

Just found a machine w/o 1.2 release on it and thought: maybe they have fixed the bugs already so many users are complaining about - and downloaded a new trial.

Installed and it showed up as 1.2.2, and, yes, the “update” bug ist gone - hopefully the side-by-side bug also (which I didn’t encounter yet).

Why are these people at L&L so shy and don’t tell the world what they have done? :wink:

do ya have a link, cause I couldn’t find it…

The installed Windows download is now at v1.2.3.0, 22 June 2012.

Checking for updates works now.

The download is here:

Downloaded trial and installed over my earlier v1.2.1 install; now works perfectly. Connection for update is recognized; clicking icon to open works; all glitches seem fixed.

A big smile & tip of the hat to Lee and the crew … if they weren’t so shy, they might have mentioned the v1.2.3 cleanup. Guess they’re busy little critters, beavering away under that basket by the light of their candles. 8)

Could somebody please confirm whether it is 1.2.2 or 1.2.3? Because yesterday, I had seen in one of Al Mansur’s posts that 1.2.2 was released and went on downloading and installing it --and it was indeed 1.2.2, which could check updates (yup, I also had the ‘Network Failure’ error). Now I see this thread and 1.2.3 is already in the posts :slight_smile:. I downloaded from this one, too. However, it displays v. in the Explorer properties panel.
I am eager downloading the latest version as such due to a lingering problem with crashing ScratchPad (which seems to affect my settings only), so whenever a new version is released, I try to make a fresh new install, including cleaning the registry and de-registering/re-registering procedure. I hope this does not count against the right to use/reuse the licence in the meantime :confused:.

Version 1.2.3 was released today, AFAIK. My update still isn’t working. :frowning:

Updated my 1.2.1 with the trial version from the download. Simply installed over. Says 1.2.3 and update-check works again. Win7pro/32

Thank you all for the clarification. 1.2.3 it is - confusion arises from the file info not having been updated I guess, which still displays v. 1.2.2:

This whole update has been a bit of a hassle, god/universe/whatever help Lee :wink:

Sorry we didn’t actually announce this, you can read in detail what has been changed in the usual place. It’s more a matter of being busy than shy. :slight_smile: