version 1.5.2 and SN activation crash

The program launches and asks to activate my SN with the eSellerate servers. I press OK. The product crashes. This is an endless loop.


Was your internet connection down? Mine updated correctly.


That would be a ditto for me. The update just crashes after I press OK about esellerate and whatnot. If it means anything, Friday came early for me in terms of OS X updates, so perhaps that’s part of it?

Nope. Internet connection is fine. And yes, I am running Snow Leopard latest developer release, which apparently might be the final shipping version.

Strange - this was tested on Snow Leopard. Until we find out what’s going on, just turn the internet off until Scrivener is launched, then turn it off again - Scrivener won’t prompt for activation if there is no internet connection. I’d be grateful if you could take a look on the Console and see if any error messages get reported there, though. To do so, launch from ~/Applications/Utilities and see if any error messages get generated as Scrivener attempts to activated.

Also, try updating to the latest eSellerate engine following the instructions on that page, as it could be that this is the source of the problem: … all_Failed

Let me know how you get on - I really didn’t want to inconvenience anyone with this, so if there’s a bug I’d like to fix it quickly.

Many thanks and all the best,

So, I went here: and downloaded the esellerate engine updater. Ran it. Then installed Scrivener version 1.5.2 again and it asked for the activation prompt and it did its thing and disappeared. Everything works now and I can use the latest version.

So, at least for me, that was the solution.


Thanks - good to hear. I may need to update the version of eSellerate inside Scrivener then.

Thanks and all the best,

Yup, it’s definitely the eSellerate engine. Downloaded the update and all went well. Thanks for your speedy support.

Thanks for the info. I have just re-uploaded Scrivener 1.52 with version 4.0 of the eSellerate engine, so hopefully this will mean no one else will have this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks again for finding the problem and informing me so that I could do something about it.

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All this talk of being unable to use Scrivener after updating nearly put me off from trying the new version.

But I read both threads, renamed the 1.5.1 dmg (so I’d have it just in case) and upgraded.

It was a bit of a scare when the software told me it was contacting the eSellerate server - I thought it wasn’t going to let me into my work. (Why does it do that anyway? Does it do that at every startup or just on upgrades? The frequent phone-home is a big turn-off from MS for me.)

Seems to be working just fine after all. Don’t freak me out like that. :slight_smile:

It’s just a really, really basic anti-piracy measure (there are a few pirated Scriv numbers circulating the internet). If it turns out that it bugs regular users too much then we’ll drop it, as that is more important to me. But it won’t ask you to do it again on that computer even on updates (well, Scrivener 2.0 will, but only because that will require a new serial number). All it does is send your serial number (nothing else, not even your name) to the eSellerate servers (eSellerate run the web store through which you bought Scrivener and also provide all our serial number validation code etc) to check that it’s a valid serial number that has actually been generated by their system. But because I really hate it when you have to jump through hoops to activate software you’ve bought, and because it always worries me that such measures will stop me from using my own software, I’ve made the process really loose. There’s no limit on the number of activations you can make, so you never have to worry about reinstalling one OS too many and then having to wait for us to reactivate your serial number (I hate that). And suppose you were stuck without an internet connection and had to reinstall everything - well, Scrivener wouldn’t worry about activation in that situation and instead would let you carry on working.

It’s impossible to stop piracy and vital not to make registration difficult in a futile attempt to do so. There will always be someone out there pirating and hacking software and they will always be ahead of you. But also, let’s face it, there are users who are generally honest but who use a pirated serial number from time to time. A simple “you need to activate the number” process may or may not prod them into buying; but anyone who takes the extra step of finding a crack or circumventing the activation probably wasn’t going to buy anyway. That’s the thinking behind this minor extra step, anyway.

As I say, if it bothers users too much, we’ll drop it again, as that’s the last thing I want - most software has something like this these days and we were initially going to have it with 1.0, but put it off until I could think of a way of doing it that wouldn’t stop users from using Scrivener in certain situations; I hope the way it is implemented now means that it never stops a regular user from being able to use Scrivener. If it does, I’ve failed and will change it.

All the best,

Well said.

Me, being in dumbass-mode this day, 'cause I saw a post regarding a problem with snow kitty & the latest and greatest Scrivener, and without any hesitation (or any thinking before doing so) decided to install it onto my freshly upgraded MacBook.

After doing so, I got the eSellerate install failure message. Next it tried to contact eSellerate and in the end failed, asking me to contact Scrivener support. Scrivener itself worked flawlessly, it considered itself registered, but upon restart would give me eSellerate error.

In the end, I downloaded the eSellerate engine updater, and this time it seemed to work, at least partially. After installing the updater Scrivener did contact eSellerate successfully. But I still got “Failed to install the eSellerate engine” error message, not, however, the other one.
Deleting both /Library/Frameworks EWSMac.Framework and ~/Library/Frameworks EWSMac.Framework and re-installing the eSellerate updater did work in the end.

Note that 1.51 ran fine up until the upgrade.I probably would have considered this a problem in my upgrade to snow kitty, but I think it’s not :wink:

Now I hope this won’t spoil your weekend, Keith

Hi zikade,

Could you please pop this info in an e-mail to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com, describing the problem and the steps you have taken, and CC it to support AT esellerate Dot net (note the “.net”)? This sounds like a permissions problem, so they should be able to sort you out. From the details you provide, it looks like you’ve already been through this page: … all_Failed

But if not see if there’s anything in there you haven’t tried yet, too.

Thanks and all the best,

My wife is having this same issue. It started after she updated 1.5.2 (before installing Snow Leopard). Not having read any of this, I updated her to SL today in hopes that there was some dependency with SL and 1.5.2. Obviously, that hasn’t changed anything - so now she’s basically sitting on the message every launch.

I’ll try some of the workarounds posted and see if anything works. The worst part of the error is that it keeps telling her to input her activation (which she has), but keeps telling her it’s invalid.

le sigh.

Hi James,

Activation is case-sensitive, whereas entering serial numbers previously wasn’t. Could you please go to Scrivener > Register, then click “Unregister”, then restart Scrivener and finally re-enter all of your serial number details, preferably by copy-and-pasting to ensure that the case exactly matches the serial number in the original order e-mail.

Apologies for the inconvenience. If you still have problems after the above, please e-mail me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com.

Thanks and all the best,