Version: - 06 Oct 2016 (Windows)

It’s been a while since I bought Scrivener. I was really satisfied with the design and elegance it comes with.
Since I am a geek, I installed it on my Linux laptop and it worked like a charm.I am running Scrivener on Windows 10 most of the time though.So here comes a new update. I downloaded Scrivener again and installed it. Note that I did not uninstalled Scrivener previous version. I just installed the new one. The result was that it works like a charm again and it is still activated, so I don’t have to to the same proccess again.

So why did I made this topic if everything goes righrt? People usually post topics when something is wrong to rant. Right? Well that’s the case. Not many people post when things go well and that leaves people doing their jobs right lack of positive feedback.

You see, I am from an era that software developers (at least most of them) respected their customers. I am talking about late 80s and early 90s. Back then you were buying a piece of software on a bunch of floppy disks and there was no internet for patches or fixes. It was like: “A perfect product or you are doomed as a company”. But I am also a person that adapts easily on changes, so I learned to live in a diffferent world, with internet, and stuff not working smoothly, people complaining but still buying products, companies doing not so smart things, and here comes a group of people like a spark of light to the darkness.

When things work THAT good, deserves a congratulations and at least a thank you. Thank you for what you are, for what you do and for how you people do it. I really never ever take for granted, that everything will go smoothly. Have you ever tried to update something, just to learn that it is now broken? If not I envy you. I really mean that.

So, to sum things up, ladies and gentlemen, I want to publicly thank “Literature and Latte” team.
I had the chance to try Scrivener for free using the official demo. Then I paid $40 to get a license for a piece of software that is neat for the things I do, I am really satisfied with it, updates come and WORK smoothly without having me do anything. Everything is taken care of, I find this service an A Class experience and I really appreciate that.

Keep doing things the way you do them.

THANK You, Dread! I take your words also a bit personal! I can assure you that L&L is doing their best to provide an A class service. Sometimes this is very painful for the developers, but hopefully makes you all happy at the end. Sometimes we fail, like the custom fonts crash in v1.9.5.0. We do our best, and test as many use cases as possible for the time we have in hand, so that if something goes wrong it hits a minority of users and not the majority.
Happy writing, Dread and thanks for the kind words one more time!