Version 1 Install Error Message

I’m having a problem with the download: I get the following error message when installing:

“Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly.
Error running c:\PROGRA~\SCRIVE~11/resources/vcpp runtime/vcredist_x86.3x3/q :
Program ended with an error exit code”

After reading the “Readme” file, I installed the vcredist exe as instructed and got an option to repair or remove. Chose repair, then reinstalled Scrivener. I still got the same error message, and don’t know if I should try to reinstall the vcredist exe. Scrivener opens and seems to work, however.

Installing on Windows XP3 on Parallels Desktop 6 on Mac 10.7.

Is this error message something I should be concerned about?

No, don’t worry about it. Unfortunately it seems to be a problem with trying to include the Microsoft check and installer to ensure that the necessary files are included for XP users. As long as the files are installed, Scrivener will run fine, but the installer itself seems to not know what to do when it comes across the files already on your machine. Lee’s going to address this in an update to it won’t keep throwing this error, but for now you can just ignore the error message and click through it to complete Scrivener’s installation.

Thanks! :slight_smile: