version - Can't change the appearance of links


I’ve found what seems to be a small bug with changing the appearance of links in both the main editor and composition modes. After changing the colour settings for links in the appearance menu and hitting “apply”, the appearance of text doesn’t change. The “underline links” option in the “Main Editor” tab also has no effect.

As far as I can tell all of the other appearance options seem to work just fine. I’m using Windows 10 and tested this in both the 64bit and 32bit versions of the beta. I’ve also included some screenshots just in case I’m being boneheaded and missing something obvious :stuck_out_tongue:


Since this is the beta version, it will probably be more helpful to post the bug in the beta test forum. FWIW, as a non-tester, I appreciate the diligence of folks like you working at this!

Oh, thanks for letting me know! Should I just post it again or can someone move it over to that forum?
I don’t want to spam it up!