Version 2 on second mac?

I have a paid for version 2.41 on my macbook. I want to use Scrivener on my iMac. I downloaded and put in the registration number, but it’s only version 1. I cannot open my .scriv file with the old version.

The registration number I put in for the second copy may have been from the original purchase. Is there a different number for my new one? How do I get version 2 on the iMac without having to pay again?


The serial numbers are different, so you’ll need to track down the one you got to register the version you have on your macbook. If you can’t find it, then email support.

Note that your imac must be able to run version 2 in order for it to open projects created in the version 2 program.

Also, Scrivener is distributed as unlockable software. That means that from the time you purchase until the year 2040 (give or take, when quantum computing is inventing and all of this becomes obsolete and we rise into the heavens as the arch-rulers of the galaxy) you can always download a free demo copy and plug in the relevant serial number for that version. So just head on over to our main page, download Scrivener 2.x to the iMac, and insert the serial code to unlock it.

And yes, you’ll need the 2.x serial number. If you have lost the information, you can retrieve it from our vendor.

Er, Ioa, you are breaking the company non-disclosure agreement by revealing our long-term business plans…

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