Version 3.1.5 Crashing on Big Sur

Good afternoon -
I haven’t used Scrivener in several months and today when I tried to open it, it crashed. Running version 3.1.5 and I see version 3.2.2 is in the app store but don’t know how to download it. How can I update to newest version?

If you see it in the app store with a cloud next to it, click on the cloud to download. If you don’t see a cloud or other download prompt, maybe you bought Scrivener from Literature & Latte directly. In that case, go to their website to download the new version.

Thank you! Found the download here and updated. Problem solved! I see now I bought it directly from LL and not from through the app store.

For future reference, with the direct-sale version you will find a “Check for Updates” menu command in the main Scrivener menu that will do the download and install for you. :slight_smile: