Version 3 for Windows spell-check not expanding

I’ve come to rely on Scrivener 1 for auto-correct. Scrivener 2’s auto correct was useless, hardly ever correcting properly.

I see that Scrivener 3 for windows is available.

I downloaded it but when I go to Edit>Spelling, there is no expansion as indicated in the user manual.

Is this normal?


On Windows, Scrivener 2 was indeed useless for just about everything, it didn’t even have an EXE. :wink: Not sure what you were using at the time, but there was no such beast, it went from 1x to 3x to indicate a greater level of parity with the Mac version.

That aside, no that doesn’t sound normal, you should have some commands in there. You might try reinstalling, maybe not everything copied over the way it should. You may also want to go into File ▸ Options..., and under the Corrections tab, make sure you have things set up the way you want. If I recall correctly, auto-correction of spelling errors is disabled by default, and that is where you would download different dictionaries. You should be able to get things roughly to how they were in v1, as not much changed under the hood from later versions of v1.


Hi Amber,

I uninstalled and re-installed. The Edit>Spelling is just the same, but I used your tother suggestion of going to File>options and correcting as I type is okay.


Oh, I forgot this still isn’t working the way it was designed to (each project having its own spell check setting). Scapple already works the way it should (and a future project will be correct), but in Scrivener it still has a global switch for turning live spell check on or off, and so the only thing in the menu is that one “Spelling” command that calls up the dialogue box (what you’d use with live spell check turned off, ordinarily).

Sorry for the confusion! Where in the user manual did you see it indicating otherwise, by the way? I’d like to fix that, but nothing jumped out to me as obviously wrong in neither the menu list appendix, nor the main section on spell checking in the chapter on writing and editing.

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