Version Control

I would like Scrivener to have a better method of version control.
More in line with version control of Apple Pages and such. The existing take a snapshot approach is somewhat antiquated.



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Could you provide a little information on what it is you are looking for? I rarely use Apple’s version feature, but I just looked over it again and I don’t see anything that Snapshots doesn’t do, and a better job of it at that—especially the user interface. I’ll take an interactive sidebar with comparison features and the ability to load prior versions into the main editor any day of the week over that monstrosity of a version browser that Apple made—you can’t even switch to another program while using it. :slight_smile:

Hi Amber,

Sorry, I meant track changes to be implemented for Scrivener like Pages or Word not version control.
That definitely would help.


Okay, in that case here is I think the most recent response to that request:

Ok , do you have a suggestion or a workflow that by using scrivener you can have a work around or some other means to have the equivalent of tracking changes?



I use Snapshots almost exclusively. On the Mac, the Compare feature marks up the text with changes automatically, so it doesn’t really require anything of me other than taking the snapshot to begin with. At this point that is a habit. The other feature, again on the Mac, is Format/Revision Mode, I sometimes use that as well, it depends. Revision modes automatically sets the text colour for anything typed in so long as it is enabled, and will also set the overstrike colour (and overstruck text can be set to delete upon compilation). For both the compare method and revisions, there are tools for jumping from edit to edit as well. With snapshots there are keyboard shortcuts in the Documents/Snapshots/Show Changes submenu, as well as arrow buttons in the sidebar (you’ll need the keyboard shortcuts if you view the snapshot in the main editor area, by Opt-dragging it to an editor header bar). For Revisions, you have the general formatting search tool, in Edit/Find/Find by Formatting. That tool will jump from one section to the next.

That’s all I personally have ever needed of such a feature, but that is just me of course.


Thanks. That will work really well.