Versioning (not really a Scrivner trick per se)

For those who may want versioning, a new application (new to the Mac, currently in a functional beta) is available. It creates and archives versions for any document type you select (.scriv, .doc, .rtf etc).

I tried it with scrivener and it seems to work.

It is called Versomatic

I thought it was a neat app and wanted to share.


How is this different from using Snapshots? I don’t use versioning much, so I’m not sure what the difference would be.



Hey, that is a Neat find, though at half the cost of a Leopard upgrade, I might just wait for Time Machine.

Basically, it looks like it handles the entire project, instead of documents within it, and it saves versions automatically for you. So it would be like using the “Backup Project To…” all of the time, which would be cumbersome.

What I wonder is, how is something like this supposed to work with the modern Apple applications that auto-save every five seconds! It sounds like this thing versions every time you save. You would either have to put up with thousands of versions, or a very poor version resolution (if you limit it to 50 versions, that could easily end up being only a day’s worth of work, not very useful for those “oops, last week’s copy was better,” situations).

Should this be in ‘Software by Other Folk’? This other thread is where you can, “Talk about any software you want. Recommend useful programs or discuss the competition.”

This is neither a writing tip using Scrivener, nor is it a Writing trick that Scrivener has revealed that enables the writing craft. Tips and Tricks was set up by Keith with the idea that you might, “Want to discuss the way you use Scrivener or ask others about their workflows? Found something neat in Scrivener that isn’t documented? This is the place to share how you use Scrivener with others.”

All that people are waiting for to use this thread is the ability to include screengrabs with their Tips and Tricks for using Scrivener. Please let’s not pollute it in the meantime with promotions for other applications. Pretty Please!

Thanks, Amber, for explaining. Lord Lightening, this may qualify as a tip too, though you are right it’s not a Scrivener tip. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to know where to put stuff, but I agree it would be good if this were strictly for Scr. stuff, especially given the topic descriptions. I think the idea is that this be a kind of interactive, ongoing detailed ‘help’ guide for Scrivener.

Opps, I don’t think I ever scrolled down that far :wink:

I was sharing “how I use Scrivener” with others.
I thought I recalled some questions about versioning in the past but the more I think of it, I believe they were in another forum (Devon-technologies) :blush:

Didn’t get the memo. I’ll make a note of it.



versioning readers:

i agree this is not strictly germane to this category but since it started here, let me add a mini-description url: … lsrc=mwrss

and the fact that i plan to buy and trial versomatic. (i too am worried about tons of unwanted files. since i am a compulsive “save as” self-versioning addict, my guess is that it will only be useful rarely and only for “accidents”, e.g…, when i have hit cmd-s too fast, crashes, et cet.)

if it seems worth a post, i’ll post a small review of my experiences Software by Other Folks. people interested can search forum for versomatic and find it there (if i post anything at all)

btw, i am not a joiner or forum kind of guy usually but this whole experience with SG and S and the forum has been very enjoyable and very helpful. my thanks to other forum folk for making it so, a large part of which has been restraint, civility and consideration and willingness to share. this feels like a nurturing community.


I agree - it seems I have been very lucky in the type of person that has been drawn to Scrivener so far. :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I was telling my husband today about this online community. A very intelligent, good-hearted, generous bunch on this forum. And very civil, yes.

Like attracts like, Keith. :slight_smile: