Versions not working correctly

Dear L&L Team!

First of all: Congratulations on the release of Scapple! A very nice and useful little app!

However, this forum is for bugs… So here’s the first one (I think):

The versions feature of OS X (10.8.3) unfortunately doesn’t behave correctly with Scapple. When I revert to a previous version of a document the document view in Scapple doesn’t reflect the changes. However, the actual file on disk is correctly reverted to the previous version (I can see this in the Background when Together updates the QuickLook preview of the file). This means that you have to close and reopen the document in Scapple to really get back to the previous version - otherwise you will overwrite the reverted document with the current one on the next save.

You will forever have the honour of posting the first 1.0 bug report. :slight_smile:

I can reproduce that on 10.8 as well. I also tested doing a normal revert, using File/Revert To/Last Saved with the same result of the main board not updating even though the filesystem has.

Thanks! Glad you like the program.

Many thanks for the bug report! Okay, I think I’ve fixed this for the next update. I’d be grateful if you could confirm it’s fixed, though, so here is an updated build containing the fix: …

Just download it, unzip it and run it, and let me know if it works fine now. If it does, feel free to replace the version of Scapple you are using with this version.

All the best,


Yes, it’s working fine now for me with both “Revert to Last Saved/Opened” and “Browse All Versions”.

Thank you so much for the quick replies and the quick fix! :slight_smile:

Great, glad it’s working! Thanks again for reporting the problem!
All the best,