vertical layout

Currently there is no vertical layout in the Windows version of Scrivener.
OSX version has it.
Do you have plans to carry it out?

Vertical layout? Those words make me think of editor windows one over the other, and that is available (alt-click on the window split icon, or View->Editor Layout-> Split horizontally, or Ctrl-+).

But you may mean something else; if so, please clarify?

He means writing vertically as in Japanese or Traditional Chinese—still used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, I believe. It’s possible on the Mac because, with MacOS 10.14, Apple made vertical text available in the text engine. Whether the guys can provide it in the Windows version will probably depend on whether Qt gives the same possibilities.


All I could find about QT’s support of this is a bug requesting support for it. ( ) This does not bode well for a swift implementation.

HTML and CSS, however, support it. ( ) Scrivener could, technically, support this via QT WebKit or its successor, I think.

Does RTF support it? Um… no, not per se. I found something about vertical writing in tables, but not in regard to Chinese or other similar languages. One could force vertical writing by creating a table and entering a new character in each cell, I suppose. Not what I’d want.

That said, there ARE open-source implementations of vertical text writing (on linux), and what they do could be borrowed.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

Yes, what xiamenese says is correct
All novels are written vertically in Japan.

Many Japanese writers want vertical writing.
I want vertical writing support.