Vertical lines in Text & Image Resizing Problem

Bug 1
I grabbed the vertical scroll-bar slug to move it up and, as soon as I began to move it, all the text (below the cursor?) was replaced by four vertical lines.


I scrolled the lines out of sight, and scrolled back again and they had gone. So no problems, just an irritation. An Apple thing?

Bug 2?
Trying to resize an image embedded in text: I double clicked it, resized it using the sliders (with locked aspect ratio), and clicked Okay. The image returned to its orginal size, as though I had clicked cancel. Any ideas?

Regards, Leigh

Bug 1: Yes, this is an Apple bug, unfortunately. You can actually recreate this in TextEdit in rare circumstances, which is how I know it is Apple and not me. :slight_smile:

Bug 2: Strange. Some images actually can’t be resized because of problems internally with the images, but usually Scrivener picks this up and disallows any resizing in these cases. Could you send me the image?


Re bug 2, I’ve also had this issue with a very few images. Don’t know if I can remember which ones–it was a while back. Just to confirm the bug, if it is one, though. I’ll try to find the images involved.

Thanks, Alex.
I emailed Keith the image file, and he replied:

Thanks - I can confirm the issue, and I will look into it for 1.02.

So hopefully, there’s an answer on the way!

Regards, Leigh

Cool! Thanks for letting me know!