Vertical ruler

How do I get rid of this thing, please (the vertical ruler)?

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 09.42.34.png

Under View—Text Editing, un-click “Show Line Numbers”

(“Line Number” is something of a misnomer, as what is counted actually are paragraphs)

Thank you so much! It’s been annoying me for ages!

As a point of trivial on the naming convention: Scrivener uses what is more common to text editors rather than word processors given its design. In a WYSIWYG environment if a line is dynamically word wrapped it can be considered a fixed line, even if further edits change the actual line numbers later on. In a text editor, each paragraph is a line, because word wrapping is an ephemeral consequence of how wide your editor is and thus not reliable or useful for referencing unless everyone sets their editors up precisely the same.

I’m well aware of that. But for the writer it is still a paragraph with a certain number of words or characters, that’s how he or she thinks about it. A coder might think of it as a line of code. An author, the target customer group of Scrivener, would not. For him or her it is a paragraph, whether it is one line long or stretches over pages.