Vertical toolbars

Any chance we’ll be able to make the toolbars vertical, or even better, floating? This would be very useful, as most screens are much wider than they are tall.

I’m afraid not, as this isn’t something supported on OS X.

Yeah, CrApple keeps removing functionality and adding eye candy. :angry: That’s why I still run 10.6.8 when I want to get anything done.

Yep, Tiarus, we get the message from a couple of posts, you don’t like Apple’s recent moves.

Everything I want to get done, including Scrivener, works a treat with Yosemite, plus a raft of new useful features.

I can vouch they have added significant functionality since 10.6.8, but each to their own.

Scriv works better for me on Yosemite than it did on Snow Leopard. I see no functionality loss since then, merely different ways of doing things. For example I preferred Spaces to Mission Control, but MC actually makes it easier to get more things done.