Very happpy discovering SCR

I like a lot this beautifull software. Tried few days and registered. Because it helps me to better organize my writings (Don’t worry: I don’t write in English) and ideas.
Just a little con: the forum.
Since I discovered this forum I became -must admit- dependent.
And when I’m reading the forum I’m not writing !
Is it possible to add this feature in Scrivener: dual windows. One for writing, one for forum ? :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thank you very much for your kind words about Scrivener, and glad to have you on the forum - even if it is distracting you from your writing (I know the feeling)!
All the best,

lindes, what you describe is actually a very serious Scr. forum bug. There is more on it here:


:slight_smile: Welcome!

Just in the moment I make good resolution to leave the forum.
That don’t help me !

Thank you for the welcome.