Very Impressed!

I’ve been using the ScrivWin beta since release, but I’ve been holding off on passing judgment. A bunch of us met for an outlining session tonight for NaNo, and it turned out that one of the ladies there had a Macbook, and was using the Scrivener 2.0 Mac beta. Naturally it came up, and I mentioned that I was using the Windows Beta, and next thing you know we both had our laptops down, doing an impromptu demo of the software for the other WriMos, highlighting the features, showing the differences, but also getting a good picture of the long-term potential for the Windows version. People seemed really impressed.

Doing an off-the-cuff sales pitch isn’t the type of thing I do with software I don’t like!

This has been my first exposure to Scrivener, and it was awesome tonight to get a peek at the Mac version, since I don’t own a Mac. I’m already very impressed with the state of the software, and it’s only a few days old. It feels feature rich even in its stripped down state, and I’m overwhelmed by the sheer potential of the program. There are bugs, sure (all the ones I’ve noticed have been reported), but I’ve yet to have a crash, and it feels incredibly polished for a beta. I have to say that I’m hooked, and you’ve got my cash when the software goes to Release.

The software is all well and good, but I’ve been really impressed with you guys in particular. Sponsoring NaNo, making an accommodating beta that takes the NaNo period into account, and getting a product out for Windows users are great, but that’s just solid business decision making. What’s really endearing to me is your involvement with the community, your commitment to responding to posts-- even on the NaNo boards. The last straw that made me say, “I can’t believe these guys!” is that there’s already discussion about compiling a release for Linux, like it’s no big deal. Do you know how many pieces of Windows software I’ve seen that I’d kill to run on Linux outside of messing with WINE, and you can’t get devs to give you the time of day? I feel like you’re going to make a lot of fans making the software natively available on Linux (and kudos on using a cross-platform architecture like Qt in the first place. Great code decision!). The Linux crowd can be curmudgeonly bastards, but we appreciate companies that care enough to give us quality software.

And don’t sweat the complaints too much. ScrivNix could be amazing, and there’ll be 10 guys pissed because you don’t release it as GPL. If you did there’d be 10 guys pissed you used GPL 3.0 instead of GPL 2, and if you used GPL 2 there’d be 10 guys mad that you you didn’t use Creative Commons. :wink:

Keep up the great work. Given the overwhelmingly positive response to your software on Windows, your willingness to even consider releasing for Linux, and your dedication to your user community; I see great things ahead for L&L!

Many thanks - and we’re very impressed that you actually like it enough to be showing it around! Hopefully the Linux version will be well received and we don’t manage to annoy too many people… Good to know it’s being appreciated, though.