Very Large First Character in a Paragraph

Hi guys,

I’m trying to format my work with the ever excellent Scrivener but have come a bit stuck when trying create documents where the first character in a paragraph is approximately three lines high with the other text flowing round it.

Does anyone know the kind of thing I’m talking about? It’s quite common in novels.

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You mean “drop caps” - there’s no way of doing that in Scrivener, I’m afraid, so you will have to export to a word processor or page layout program to add that effect.

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MS Word does this really well, FYI. I used drop caps a the beginning of every chapter the last book I did, just 'cause I thought it looked cool… So compose in Scrivener, export as RTF, open in word, and add your drop cap!

What does Scrivener do with drop caps exported in RTF from Word, Keith?


Hi Arthur,

It would just ignore it - the letter would be there, but it wouldn’t be a drop-cap, seeing as that aspect isn’t supported by the text system.

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Visual proof!
(taken from the Windows version)



Ah…so it’s just a big letter, with its line-spacing intact – which is what happened when I tried to make a Drop Cap in Scrivener earlier today. It would make single letter bigger, but the line spacing went with that big letter’s size, not the smaller size of the rest of the line.


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