Very slow loading of web page imported

I have tried to import the page

It takes 2 seconds to load the page in the browser and after 5 minutes is still at 43% in scrivener.

I am using last windows scrivener beta version in a i3 laptop with 8 gb of ram, ssd and windows 7 home premium 64 bits sp1.

thank you

pjssms, I’ve had the same thing occur on another Resource web page.

Web pages are increasingly a bit unreliable as the web and local delivery of it saturates. One small item may not respond, and then the web page won’t complete in its loading.

Likely there’s need for a timeout, to keep Scrivener responsive, even though it’s not at fault.

When this blocking has occurred for me, I’ve quit Scrivener and then restarted it. Often the web page is then easily available – likely because it had just that last missing bit to get loaded.


I can add a small bit to this - something I’m experiencing intermittently is the web page importing fine but the progress meter for the import “sticks.” If I click on the web page as it is displayed by Scrivener, the problem resolves immediately.

I concur. :slight_smile: