Very Slow Schrivener

I use Scrivener for all my projects and it works beautifully, and there is no way I am moving to Lion OS until I can use Scrivener in Lion.

But in some of my Scrivener files the response when typing slows alarmingly and I have to wait until Scrivener catches up. I have saved a new version of the file which returns the response to normal, but the problem returns later.

I have a 4g MacBook Pro running 10.6.8.

Any suggestions as to how I can overcome this problem?

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and regards, Jack

Hi Jack,

I have never experienced this problem in several years, and a look at the forums suggests that it happens rarely. However, when it does happen, there appear to be several possible individual causes, including:

  • use of Scrivener 1.x, whose code was not as well optimised as the code of 2.x
  • very, very large project files
  • use of spelling or snippet programmes that intercept your typing before it reaches the screen, such as Typinator or Spell Catcher.

In the last case, my own experience with other applications – not Scrivener – is that snippet and spelling programmes have to be disabled entirely or even uninstalled, not just paused, if you want to stop them slowing down your typing (when they do).

Another thing you could try is increasing the auto-save interval slightly: Scrivener > Preferences > General

The most recent thread that dealt with these issues, as far as I can remember, is this one:

It may suggest some other remedies to you.


I found the problem, it is in Spell Catcher: in the Preferences - in Typing, turn off ‘Make replacements directly…’ and then everything is fast and fine.

Regards, Jack