Vic k's true identity?

Could it be that I’ve stumbled upon Vic k’s true identity? Is he really Sam Savage? I’m of course thinking of one of Vic’s many personas: RAT:


Nah, it turns out Mr Savage is american. That can’t be right…

Naahh! mange, vats me merrycan cuson! Ees a Rat off of deep hooman nitee, `n intelleegents!! Not like wot i am :frowning:

No, I think Vic-k’s true identity is

Nahhh! :open_mouth: vats Slalom Rusty!! Or is it Slimey Russkie? :confused: Enyway, its sumfink like vat!!


Yeeaaahh!! vats im :open_mouth: Owwd y gess?
Bloody ell, vat`s clever :smiley:

Could it be more self-evident?

Dont be daft!! Vats a gurl!! tch! tch! :open_mouth:

The true identity of Vic-k has been revealed

Are you sure that is vic-k? I don’t see any liquor.

you two are like: … re=related

I agree. Wock and the clown are very similar to that pair.

Not the grrl. I was referring to the fish.


gives insouciant huff, as mind continues toying with abstractions.

You do realize that the clown shown above is John Wayne Gacy?

And you were looking for liquor references?