Vic, look what we're being offered … … M6MTU5NTU2

Third paragraph down …


Mr X

Ahh Bless 'em …

… but mind you…Jameson have has always been a cultural Godfather. The contribution made by Jameson, to the erudite philosophical debate, in the RED LION’s debating chamber (the vault), was substantial, to say the least.

I take it you did see this:


Mr X

My good sir! Of course I saw it! :open_mouth: Zeroed in on it like a laser-guided smart bomb. After drooling ceased, I trawled the rest of the site … hence my remarks concerning Jameson’s overarching concern for society’s cultural wellbeing. :smiley:
Just wondering why the local flea pits in the Principality of Stockport, ain’t got linked up with the Holy Amber Distillation’s distillers. Bad show all round there … eh … wot!? :imp:

£8.50+ for a ticket :open_mouth:

You want to stop-off in Dorchester when you’re next passing.

£2.50 Monday to Friday / £3.50 Saturday & Sunday … ticketinfo


Ahhh, but! In the site blurb, it says, 'Don’t forget, please bring bean bag or a bucket and a couple of cushions to sit on."

Nah. We all bring our herd animals with us and sit on them: cows at the back, sheep in the middle, geese at the front. Works well enough.

Plaza is a time-warp cinema with a fiercely loyal following. At the moment, it is being redecorated. Painters file out ten minutes before the film starts, leaving their ladders, paint brushes, etc leaning against the walls. Patrons pile in and enjoy the smell of drying paint, while sitting on seats covered with a thin layer of dust. No one minds. Like a big family. Odeon opened a multiplex nearby a few years ago and it is struggling to get people to desert the Plaza.

So I’ll take it that camels, elephants and giraffes, won’t be welcome, then … eh?

We have our own ‘Time-Warp Plaza’, acquired by amateur enthusiasts a few years ago,and totally refurbished.
As you can see, it’s gone from strength to strength. Prices aren’t cheap though. :frowning: The food and dinning facilities, apparently, put Michelin starred greasy-spoon emporia to shame.

The theatre is built onto a sheer red sandstone cliff face. Stood backstage during refurb, gobsmacked, staring up at the fascinating scene it presented to the eye.
Take care

We’re entirely open-minded. All welcome.

Great to see cinemas being supported by local people. Too many have been lost. Something special about a shared viewing.

Ditto on the take care.

Briar Kit :wink: