Video files - sound but no picture

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere in the forums - I’ve searched but not found anything that sounds like the same issue.
I’ve placed several WMV files in Scrivener and don’t get a picture when I play them. Sound is fine though. These same files play fine in Windows Media Player on the same computer.
All other file types I’ve tried seem to function perfectly in Scrivener: JPG, GIF, PDF, MP3

Any help getting this function to work would be welcome! Thanks.

I’ve experienced this with a couple of arbitrary .WMV video sample files I pulled off the Internet at random. The very first one I try to view during a given Scrivener session displays/plays properly… But then it and the others no longer display… but their audio does play.

See the following for my guess as to what the issue and possible workarounds might be.

I could be wrong.