Video synced (linked) notes

The ability to take notes while playing a video from ‘Research’ such that the notes are synchronised to the frame at which the note was started. After all notes have been added to the page, clicking on one of them plays the video from that point. The notes can be clicked in any order, any number of times and the video will always jump to that point.
It works beautifully in Microsoft Onenote and I use it a lot, instead of trying to remember where in a video I saw or heard something. Try it!

For an explanation of using this in Microsoft Onenote follow this link

and read the paragraph above the heading “Insert Audio and Videos into Onenote Pages: Instructions” beginning…
‘Now let’s look at the “Options”…’ This in fact works with any common MP4 videos despite what is said about WMV.

This was also provided by a Google Chrome extension ‘’ but that was for YouTube videos.