Video Tutorials for the Windows Version

I’d like to see video tutorials for the Windows version, because it says on the tutorial page:

Notice: This page contains information which primarily relates to the Macintosh version of the software.

So, it would be nice to see the same tutorials cover the Windows version, because a lot of us don’t use fake computers (ie: Macs).

I was going to answer this nicely and explain that we are working on Windows video tutorials as we speak, but then you went and ruined things by making an untenable comment about Macs not being “real” computers, which is just silly. Let’s not start trollish debates about Mac vs Windows, please - each to his own. (But for the record, Macs are best, and Windows can only crawl along trying to catch up in its shadow. :slight_smile: )

Yes, let’s keep things civil. We each choose our computing platforms for a variety of reasons, and Windows isn’t always the best suited for any given person. Also, I think it’s awesome that there are more videos specific to the Windows version coming.

And one last thing: MACs RULE*! :unamused:

*I learned my debating style on my primary school playground, and never saw any reason to improve upon perfection. Impressive, eh?