¿Videogame template?

I just came back to Scrivener after several years, i used it to write a couple of novels and loved the software.

Now i’m focused on making videogames and i want to know if somebody already use it for game design documents (GDD), game scripts or game lore scripts and have a base template to start with.

A quick google search showed up many general GDD templates that could easily be adapted to your needs, I would think.

That’s the great thing about Scrivener.

This is from the template from the Gamasutra website.

Create your binder folder items based on it adding as needed and away you go.

Just somewhere to start until someone comes along with better options.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. Now i’m working with google docs for my GDD and i have a similar structure as yours. I was just wondering if there was an “oficial” template.

I’ll do as you say and create my binder folders based on the structure you suggested and the one i work with. I’m testing the new features. :slight_smile: Also, anything new that would help a lot with this kind of documents?

Also i just realized i need to buy a new licence, the one i have is from 2014. :sweat_smile:

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When you get your new version or simply just to refresh, check out the interactive tutorial within Scrivener itself.

On the menu go to Help - Interactive Tutorial.

Plenty of really useful stuff there :+1: