View Button on Toolbar

At the bottom of the View button on the main toolbar there is an item that says “Layout” with a right pointing arrow. When clicking on the arrow nothing happens. I presume that it should open another menu with the same options that are on the Editor Layout menu in the View menu at the top of the screen. Regardless, it’s something that I would find incredibly useful to be on the main toolbar since I frequently use that feature.

I’m running the Beta.

This should be in the beta forum, I think, but I’ll take a stab at it anyway.

The main toolbar is only one line, so I can’t see a top or bottom to it, and I’m unable to find the icon you mean from the name or the arrow. Can you make it more clear where to find it?

This is the same thing we were talking about in the Wish List – the Layout Manager and the flyout menu of layouts. This definitely needs to be raised in Windows Beta since this is a beta bug.

This is related to this thread: [url]Suggestion: Built-In Layouts should be shown on Layout menu of View button by default - #5 by AmberV]

That doesn’t tell me where the option is, but okay.