View modes cannot be turned off

hello scrivener team

I have scrivener license for two PC ( one with Windows 7 x64 and another with Windows XP SP3)

I was working in the document and was using group mode to see the document in different view mode. When i click on any of these view modes it worked well in both windows 7 and XP, and the highlighted ones turns yellow, but windows XP SP3 is not allowing me to turn off the view mode completely, even after successive clicks. This same issue is not in windows 7

Kindly have a look

Is it possible that you’ve got multiple documents selected in the case where you can’t turn the view mode back to a single document? I ask because it behaves the way you want if you select a container*. You can either see that in cork board, outline, scrivenings mode (all files under the container), or in single-document mode (just the container itself). Having multiple selections in the binder, will not allow you to toggle to just one of them by clicking on the stack-of-three-pages-with-yellow-background part of the view mode pill icon.