View of binder mostly blocked

When I closed scrivener and shut down my Mac last night, my project seemed fine.

This morning there is something wrong with the binder.

Visually it appears that I can only see the Binder in the very lower portion of that part of the screen.

On Corkboard view, it appears that the Binder knows about a document in a folder that the corkboard does not.

I can get to that document and add text to it.

I am on Mac OS 10.15.7
I have Scrivener in dark mode.
My Scrivener version is 3.2.2 (14632)

I appreciate your help.

We’ve run into a few cases of this since a recent macOS update. Cause is unknown, but it has been observed that if you reinstall Scrivener from a fresh download, and also reset its preferences, the problem can go away.

To reinstall Scrivener:

  • If you have the direct-download version, please close Scrivener then download the latest version from and install that instead, replacing your existing installation.

  • If you have the Mac App Store version, close Scrivener, then drag the application from the Applications folder to the Trash folder and empty the Trash. Then open the Mac App Store, log in with the same Apple ID as you used when purchasing, and reinstall Scrivener from your Purchases list there.

You can find full instructions for resetting preferences (including how to save your current settings) here: