view posts chronological order

How do I view posts in chronological (latest first)order in this forum and in Bug Report forum

I check in frequently to these forums and the postings seem totally haphazard in order.

(neither alphabetical numerical, by subject or even poster’s name.)

I don’t see any way to change that .
I tried clicking on the headers — Topics, Replies, Views, Last post
but they are inert.


Look at the right-hand column (the latest reply column). It’s sorted that way. I don’t know if it’s possible to sort by the date a topic was created.

Thanks Robert.
Too bad, it would be so much so much easier if one could…

I’m not aware of any way to sort by creation date. At the bottom of the list you’ll find filtering and sorting options. The only date related sorting method is “Post Date” which is simply the date of the last piece of activity in the thread. You can do this filtering inside a thread as well; handy for mammoth threads.

thanks, Amber