Viewing a folder with content does not show folder Total Progress

Hi there. Something that has been driving me a little crazy is how a folder is treated when viewed in the Outliner View. I love this view because it give me a snapshot of my progress, and that I’m able to make quick edits to the overall folder content like word count goals per page.

What is driving me crazy is when I want to view one folder and its content; a folder is a chapter with about ten pages inside representing individual sections. Each section will have a goal of 300 words each. If I have ten sections, then that would be 3,000 words. My goal is to hit the over total of 3,000 for the folder (chapter), not necessarily the goal per page. Some pages are 200 and some are 600, that’s fine with me, because I’m only really interested in the Chapter total. BUT, when I click on the folder and view it in Outliner, I only get the content of that folder and the individual page totals. I would also like to get the actual folder information that I selected, such as work count total. The only way I can do this is to click out to the Manuscript, but then I’m blasted with all my folders and all my totals, when in actuality, all I’m looking for is to focus on the chapter I’m writing today.

Question: Is there a setting I’m missing? Like, a box I can tick that will show the actual folder details when I click on a folder to be viewed in the Outliner view?

Your program is amazing!!!


I can’t think of one, I’m afraid. (I’d like the facility too…)

The best I can do is when you’re in the Chapter itself, press cmd-ctl-r (go to enclosing group) then cmd-0 (collapse all). This will give you a ‘table of contents’ type view of all the chapters with word counts etc. Not perfect but it’s only two keystrokes so not too intrusive.