Viewing Folder Names While Writing

I am using the folders to build an outline for my manuscript, but when I am in full screen writing mode I would like to see the heading names of each file/folder to remind me what I’m supposed to be writing. Is there a way to make the file/folder names appear in the document automatically as I am writing or do I have to manually write in headings and sub headings in the editor? I think that when it comes to compiling the document I can have the file/folder names become part of the compiled document, but am not sure how to do that also.


If you are in scrivenings mode, you can show titles by going to View > Editor > Show Titles in Scrivenings (when you compile you need to use the “Formatting” pane to add titles to whichever documents you want).

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Hi Keith,
Very helpful thank you. One more thing. It seems as if this only works if I highlight multiple files/folders in the binder. If I’m just working in one file I don’t see the title in the editor. Not a huge deal, but I was just wondering why it works differently.