Viewing Skim annotations within Scrivener

How about adding support in Scrivener for viewing Skim annotations?

That would make it really easy to mark up PDFs (for free!), drag the PDFs into the binder, and then see the annotations in the editor pane.

This would make it even more useful as a research and writing tool!

Scrivener is written in Objective-C, right? So is Skim, and there’s an API in Objective-C here: … nd%20tool/

I assume this is how DEVON Tech got DEVONThink to be able to view Skim annotations.

I’ve seen some posts from other users for adding PDF annotation within scriv, but I guess that might be hard to implement: (


Edited original post for clarity. Is anyone else interested in this feature?

It might be a really way to get support for PDF annotation within Scrivener, which could be helpful for scholars and novelists alike.

Keep up the great software! :slight_smile:

I actually had added this to our list of things to look into when there is time, but forgot to update the thread with that fact—sorry about that! :slight_smile: Thanks for digging up these links.

Great to hear that this is being looked into (when you have the time to do so)! I would love Scrivener to support Skim annotations and the Skim PDF-engine for creating annotations and other markup elements. As pointed out by OP, it would make Scrivener even more attractive as an integrated research and academic writing tool!

EDIT: I am also guessing that the problem of white boxes on PDFs in Scrivener due to a bug in Apple’s PDF Engine (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=27470&start=0&hilit=white+boxes) would also be fixed by utilising Skim’s PDF-engine, as I have never experienced this issue while using Skim.

Skim uses the same PDF engine and Scrivener, so that would make no difference - Skim just adds some extra features to the standard engine, as I understand it. The white boxes problem is down to Scrivener being 32-bit, whereas Skim is 64-bit. I have a 64-bit version of Scrivener in the works that should fix that. I’ll look at the Skim API eventually, but because of how much else I have to do, I doubt it will be before this time next year, I’m sorry to say.

May I ask if this feature is still being considered? It would be a much appreciated addition!

I’ve been using Skim since 2005 but I can’t imagine it being a priority for anyone until there’s an iOS solution for viewing Skim annotations. It predates native PDF annotation on the Mac, and has a lot more capabilities, but the constant need to import/export annotations going to/from iOS is burdensome.