Virus on Install?

I just purchased Scrivener and downloaded the software directly from … atform=win

Unfortunately as I try to install to my Windows 10 Laptop it is breaking towards the end with iolo System Shield saying that it has the following virus: w32/Heuristic-MU2!Eldorado

Anyone come across this?

Thank you in advanced.

Update on this. I ran the install again and the failure is happening at the end while accessing/installing the following:

Updated 2.
I disabled the antivirus and let it install. Hopefully nothing bad will come of it.
Would love to know if anyone has experienced the same thing.

I get the same error message, and I also use Iolo system mechanic. Did you have any issues after you installed with the system shield disabled? Is this an Iolo issue or a Scivener one?

It was very cool that you managed to find the exact file. Congrats. It could be a virus, but 99% probability it is a false positive from that antivirus. There should be a way you can submit the file and basic information to Iolo so they can correct their problem. One of the most important things to me is a low false positive on my antivirus programs.

Since you downloaded from the makers own website, not somewhere else, and they’ve been around a long time and have a good rep, the chance of it being a virus is very small, though it is possible that the library they are using is flawed, so making sure Lit and latte knows about it is a good idea as well.

I get the same issue, using Iolo System Mechanic. It identifies the object files as …SCRIVENER\DOCFORMATS\DOC2ANY\LIB\HTMLTOPDF.DLL, and the malware as MU2!Eldorado.

There were a couple of aging library files in the Windows version that contained older versions of routines (if I remember correctly, ZIP files and PDF files) that were found to have some implementation flaws (bugs). Many virus scanners look for DLLs that have those known older vulnerable implementations and flag them. This could be your issue.

If it makes anyone feel better, I run both Malwarebytes Pro and Norton Security Suite, and I don’t recall either raising an issue with Scrivener. I installed Scrivener in early October 2018 and have had no suspicious situations, since then.

Based on my experience, so far, I would feel reasonably confident that the positives you guys received were false.

The smartest and best thing to do is submit the file to VirusTotal

It will give you a report on how that file is treated by around 70 antivirus programs.

If it is found bad by 5 or more, report to L&L. If less than 3, report to your antivirus program as a false positive.

Virustotal is a free service owned by Google to test for Viruses.