Vista Error: cannot parse RTF files?

I’ve been working between my desktop (win7) and laptop (vista) with Scrivener (project stored in dropbox) and now my vista scrivener won’t open my project–it says ‘cannot parse RTF file’ each time it tries to open anything?


…using version .049 and just switched to NaNo trial version?


This appears to be an issue going from working in Win 7 to Vista but not from Vista to Windows?

To clarify, you’ve got the same version of Scrivener installed on both machines (please verify this by going to Help > About Scrivener on each machine and checking the number at the bottom of the window–the NaNo trial was updated just yesterday, so there are two possible versions of this you could have) and when you try to open the project on Vista after working in Win 7, you get this error message and the project does not open? Or does it open, and you continue to get the message every time you load a new document in the editor? I haven’t seen anything like this before, so as many details as you’ve got (or even screenshots or a short screencast) would be great to help us figure out what’s going on and fix it.

Also, are you on 32- or 64-bit versions of Vista and 7?

I have actually experienced what sounds like a similar error, but it doesn’t have anything to do with using different OS’s. I created a completely new “Novel with Parts” project and upon creation, I got a popup with the following information (sorry, don’t know how to embed images here):

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: E:\PROGRA~1\SCRIVE~!\rtfi.exe

  • CRT not initialized

When I click “OK” on that popup, another appears that says:

RTF Reader Error
Cannot Parse RTF file.
File: ‘F:/Writing/NaNoWriMo2011.scriv/Files/Docs/12.rtf’

I also created a test “Novel” project which gave the error on a different RTF file:
File: ‘F:/Writing/Test.scriv/Files/Docs/3.rtf’

The project will load and I can compose and save. But when I reopen the project, all documents are blank on the display, though they do all contain information if I open the underlying RTF in another program.

My OS is Windows XP Pro, service pack 3. I am running the latest beta, 49, and have not experienced this issue with any other betas I have used.

Let me know if there is any other information that would be helpful for you. I appreciate all your hard work on getting this software to be as good as it can be.

I’m having the same issue using Win 7 premium. but using the same .scriv folder on my XP netbook, with same version (the nano trial version) there aren’t any issues.

I didn’t take note, but I think it had a parse error when I started on Win 7 desktop, but it typed fine after that, saved fine. just won’t load text with the parse error trying to continue (though it will open the individual file in MS word… though given I’m already now onto several parts, this is gonna cause issues…)

Is anyone able to reliably reproduce this either with a set of steps or a specific project you could send? A screencast showing the whole series of events would be fabulous to help figure out what’s going on and get this fixed. I think I’ve seen it, but it was in the midst of some other computer issues, and now of course I can’t make it happen again. If anyone else is able to and can send me steps, that would be excellent!

I’m using the same version of Scrivener on both machines i think–the NaNo version which is 0.46?

I’m not certain about the 32 bit/64 bit versions, as I used the same install on both, so unless a 64 bit version was included and automatically installs I wouldn’t know–but my Vista is 32 bit and Win 7 is 64 bit. I have not encountered this issue in the previous version of scrivener.

I’ll see of I can get screenshots.


Yesterday, I got the same ‘cannot parse rtf file’ and then it froze. I had to re-start. I’m on win 7, not Vista (see sig).