Visual character relationship

I have dyslexia and very visual when comes to keeping tabs on character relations wandering if there way of doing this in scrivener 3 I know it could not be done in previous versions and honestly it too much effort to do it outside scrivener because it will detail my focus from my writing tried googling it but all I get the tracking characters in and pov which not I want this major roadblock for me I majority a character writer . This the only feature seems to be missing which would be complete whole experience for me. Even there way to do it with coarkbord feature

Could you explain exactly what you’re trying to track in a little more detail? You can assign keywords to each document listing the characters, for example, but I’m not sure that accomplishes what you need.


i know there is a way to trace characters pov and plot using corkboard feature is there something similar can be done
for character relationships . obviously not doing this with every character but only those who some kind of connection whether it is family part of a hierarchy

The only visual way I know of for this kind of thing is to use Scapple. You can take a Scapple document and import it into your Scrivener project, and then when you want to alter it, “open in external editor”. You’ll get a nice read-only view of it in Scrivener, so you have that, and you can drag individual documents to Scapple, and from Scapple to Scrivener to create new notes/documents.

If you don’t want to use Scapple for this, then creating a document per character, and then adding keywords for other characters related to them may be an option. Keywords are viewable as a column in the outline mode, and as colored chips on index cards in the cork board view, if you can keep up with which color represents which character.

You can see some snapshots of working this way using Scapple in the following thread: