Visualizing search results system preferences style

Searching in larger texts is sometimes tedious especially if you kind of remember the whereabouts. I guess most of us know that feeling on MacOS system preferences when you look for a particular setting. I always liked the way how search results are highlighted in System Preferences, e.g., “internet”.

Search in Scrivener is already very effective and offers fine-grained control. I use labels for POV and add metadata for locations and protagonists. The colour coding of the index cards already provide help in finding respective scenes.But I just wish sometimes I could see the results in context with the rest of the book and not just the matching scrivenings. (see my crude illustration of a search in the Scrivener tutorial.)

This is a great idea. It would also be useful with Collections.

In addition to cards, a kind of scrivenings mode would be my preference. For each document, display n-number of lines around the found text.

This is exactly what I logged in today to ask for. I really would like to see the “found in documents” highlighted, but still see all of the documents. In longer manuscripts, it’s hard to get a feel for when/how often a thing is mentioned.