VM messages

In the old days it was “Funny Answering Machine Messages” but now its Voice Mail.

One of my all time favorites is this one.

What are some of your favorites hmm?

Y’re a real sicko, pige!

I was once the reluctant observer of a domestic dispute.

Domestic Disputer 1: “You are the only person I know who’ll apologise to a voice-mail message!”
DD2: “You’re the only person I know who’ll argue with one!”


Vic-k once said, “Thank you”, to an ATM machine at his local Co-Op, as he removed his £20 note. His embarrassment exacerbated by the snorty-snigger of a yobbo stood behind him. :blush: The saddest part about this episode, was me not being there to witness it. :laughing: :laughing:


The lifts in my office say things like “Good morning” and “Sorry to keep you waiting” when you get in. I always make a point of replying with a simple “Good morning” or “No problem.”

It’s just good manners, and it’s nice to build up a bit of goodwill for when the machines take over.

Sounds as though, for you…they already have :confused: :frowning: :blush: