Voice recording

I don’t know if this has been considered, but would it be handy to have a voice recording option in Scrivener such as is found in Omnioutliner Pro?
It can happen (at least it does to me) that one gets tired of typing, but would like to input an idea or comment. In Omnioutliner, you can record a voice comment. There is no voice recognition or anything like that… it just embeds the sound. I suppose when you listen back later, you’d be inclined to transcribe it if it was a useful thought. But the ability to get it down in some form can be handy.
I suppose if that’s not a thought shared by others, it won’t be a runner, but I just thought I’d throw it out there…

Thanks. Irrespective of any feature on wish lists etc. I’d have to say that I’m fully satisfied with Scrivener. I keep discovering new features that make life easier and I thank Mr. KB for his great work!


A related question… (not really part of a wish list, but following on from the previous post)…
What application allows for simple voice recording?
I know that I could use Audacity, or Garageband, or Omnioutliner.
But is there a simple recording application.
There is one in the Gnome Desktop Environment called (I think) Sound Recorder. Something like that?
Does anyone know?

I could use that, record my notes and stick them into the research folder in Scrivener.

Thanks for any tips.


QuickTime. Comes with every Mac. You can use the built-in microphone.


(I don’t believe you need QuickTime pro for simple voice recording.)

Alas, that appears to be a “Pro” only feature of Quicktime. It’s greyed out, and the word “pro” is beside it.
Thanks anyway,


QuickTime Pro is only $29 … I use Amadeus Pro, but that would be separate from Scrivener and is rather more and very powerful. Audacity is free, but I couldn’t get on with it very well …


Alright…I’ve found a handy lightweight recorder. It’s called REC and you can find it (if you so wish, of course) on the Apple.com audio downloads page. Free. It saves in aif or wav.
Seems ok.


I would personally not suggest Audacity to a Mac user. It is written for PC and Linux and when you open it, you can tell. WavePad however, is very similiar in form and function but much cleaner (and written in Cocoa).

Garageband too, for this purpose would be unsuitable. You don’t want to create a new “project” and then bounce the audio file you recorded. You just want to grab the same file as the original recording (which, I hasten to add, can be done with Garageband, you just have to use a bit of a roundabout way to do it).

If you’re willing to shell out $25, you should really check out TapeDeck. Sounds like exactly what you’re after.

Take a look at Audio Recorder 3.2 (macupdate.com/info.php/id/7779/quickvoice-x)