Vote closed: the L&L Book Club choice for January

After reading Robinson Crusoe in November, and A Christmas Carol in December, it’s time to choose the book that you would like to discuss in Book Club in January. We’ve voted for some really well-known titles in recent months, so for our opening read of 2023 we thought we’d offer a selection of three novels that are perhaps read less widely today. (Or is it just me who hasn’t encountered them before?)

All three of our poll choices were originally published in 1846, the year in which Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell was cracked while being rung for George Washington’s birthday, the planet Neptune was observed for the first time, and Adolphe Sax patented the saxophone.

Please cast your vote in our poll:

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The result will be announced early in December, to allow plenty of time for you to acquire and read the selected title before our discussion in January.

You are very welcome to make suggestions for other books for us to read together — either reply to this message, or send me a PM. We’ll keep a list, and over the months ahead we’ll consider adding such suggestions to future book-choice polls.

When making a book suggestion, please remember that we will be reading books that are in the public domain in the UK and EU, where copyright laws protect work until 70 years after the author’s death.

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There are just a few more days in which to vote for the book that we will read in our Book Club in January. Cast your vote now!

The vote for January’s book has closed, and we will be reading and discussing La Mare au Diable or The Devil’s Pool, by George Sand. See you there, at the start of 2023!

If you want to help choose a pacy adventure story to read in February, pop over to our current poll, and let us know which book you fancy reading.

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