W-Plot in Scapple

I wanted to share an idea, how I setup a W-Plot in Scapple, in order to drag and drop it easily to scrivener.

W-Plot, as described by Mary Caroll Moore in a youtube-video (youtu.be/pMhLvMJ_r0Y), is a 4 act plot scheme.

I first drew it visually, but it’s rather complicated, to drag and drop all the single notes to scrivener.

My 2nd try is the same storyline, but vertically arranged, with colors for the up- and down-parts. Try it out and give a feedback.

Interesting approach! I set mine up with the W-Plot chart as a background image, then create the scenes as notes over the background. Thanks for sharing your setup! I’ll have to play with it as soon as I get out from under my tech book deadline.

Thanks I’ve been looking for something this GOOD and CLEAR for the past day!