Wacom table

First of all, GREAT software!
I started importing my novel and can already see how helpful it’s going to be for me to have it broken up into chapters. The corkboard concept is BRILLIANT!

Looks like it could be a big hit with us writers working on PCs.

I saw that you have known bugs with the Wacom tablet, which is what I use for everything.

So far the only issue I’ve had with the tablet is that I cannot put in information on the Index Cards or the Inspector. (I plugged in a mouse and those features work correctly) My workaround is to put in the information in the Outline, which DOES work with the Wacom

Looking forward to importing my FINAL DRAFT files whenever you put that feature in.
BTW: I was a beta tester on Final Draft 8

Tech info:
WIN XP 32 Home Edition service pack 3
Core processor 3800
2.01 GHz.
380+ GB RAM
Drive capacity: Over a Terabyte