Want multiple interior Character Templates. How add?

Newbie here
There is a characterTemplate. I filled one out. Now I want to fill out more Character Templates. How do I make template available for more characters. ?.

It might be worthwhile opening the interactive tutorial from the Help menu, and going through the exercise on “Document Template” in there. This shows you how to set up, create, modify templates, and ultimately use them.

It kind of sounds like you actually changed the template itself rather than using it to make new character entries. Otherwise, if you had done the latter then you would know how to get as many as you want.

When you’ve updated the Character Sketch Template, dragging one from the Binder of a new Project to the Templates folder in the Binder of your Project will get you a blank Template.

Choose File > New from Template or select From Template at the green New button in the Main Toolbar will get you a duplicate of the original Character Sketch Template to update with your own character information.

Antoni Dol,
Thanks so much. I will try this tomorrow. It looks as though it will really help.

Thanks so much. I will attempt to do this tomorrow.

Also any document dragged into the template folder becomes a template. Search the internet for pov character forms copy and paste onto blank document. Modify then drag into template folder for detailed character template. Would be glad to email you one of mine as a word document if you want.