Warning on WINE 5.9

So this is one of the rare times when newer isn’t better. :slight_smile: WINE 5.9 has some pretty serious regressions that older versions don’t have. Scrivener runs, but crashes on exit. (Mouse movements are reversed in Skyrim…) I’d hold off upgrading to 5.9 for the time being. Hopefully the balance will be fixed in 5.10.

Which version of wine are you using? I am on 5.0.3 stable and I cannot install Scriv RC6.

5.4 staging.

Do you have speechsdk installed? (via winetricks) It installs but will crash unless that’s installed.

ETA: I tried in a clean prefix with RC6, and it installed and ran fine once I installed speechsdk via winetricks. This is the 64-bit version. (I haven’t tried the 32-bit one.)