Was Trialing 1.x, Purchased 2., Will Not Take Reg. or Upgrad


I’ve been trialing the previous version, as I downloaded it a few months ago, but then had to take a break and am just now getting back to writing. I logged on and purchased it tonight, but when I went to enter the License #, it said it was invalid. I typed it in, copied and pasted, and neither way is working, all are saying invalid. I then tried to download the newer version, thinking this might be the issue, as it is the version I purchased, but it says the email address is invalid. I know it is the same email address I used to sign up, because I just did it!

Any help on this or should I email sales directly first? Should I simply download the newer version fresh, not as an upgrade, and try to enter the license # then? If so, what will happen to the work I already have in the older version?

Thank you for your help, in advance.


Yes, that is precisely what you need to do. The new version is a completely new program and must be registered independently from the old version. No 1.x licence will work in it, and no 2.0 licence will work in the old one. So download a fresh copy from our web site, install it over the old copy, and register it with the new licence you received in the e-mail. You don’t need to submit any information to do this. Once you buy the program, you can download it a million times.

As for your existing work, it isn’t “in” the old version. Your work is stored as files on your computer. They will exist in perpetuity and instead of whatever version you have installed. Find them by using Spotlight and typing “.scriv” into the search bar. It’s a good idea to know where they are because when you upgrade you’ll need to find them to open them.

Thank you, it worked! I had my .scriv files saved to folders on my desktop, so that part was easy. Thanks for your fast reply.