Watch out /seek and destroy list

Is there a way to develop a word (or phrase) list that will flag what I put on the list (as if a typo) that way I can have the program immediately flag words that I tend to overuse/use incorrectly? Word Frequency is not actually any help to me. I would like to create a list with word such as “look, step, felt” or phrases such as “made my way; I saw; I heard” that way when I type them they would either flag right away like a typo or I could hit a button and it would search the whole document for anything on the list. Right now I have to word search one at a time and if I forget to do that or forget to search for one of the things on my list then it slips through the cracks.

You can use the search box in the toolbar to create a search-based collection or collections. For individual words, you can have it match “any” of the words by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the search field and adjusting the options there. When you visit the collection, all the documents that match your search settings will be shown, along with highlights on the words you searched for.

For phrases, you would have to create one search-based collection per phrase, and then make sure to use “exact phrase” in your search settings.

When you’re done setting up each search, click on the magnifying glass again and choose “Save Search”.

I like that idea, I’m going to add it to the list of hints for how collections can be useful, in the manual.

I’ve created a listing of my overused words/phrases in the Scratch Pad, but would love to see the ability to customize the “word frequency” list. I agree that the frequency listing is, at present, not much help. It’s like being hit with a fire hose. The suggestion of saving searches is great (and I’m going to use it), but sometimes, I just need a quick check to see how often a word/phrase was used. By being able to customize that list, I could get a great overview of the words that are important to me.

That would be an interesting use of typinator or other text replacement utility…
You would create the list of these words or groups of words in the utility, set it up to be replaced by the same in red (or bold, or underlined, etc…), and voila! :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to deal with it at once, you can go back to it whenever you like and run a search by formatting to find all these entries across the document.

There is a also “zapping” sound that you can set whenever something like that would happen.

The current beta has something like that, but with the opposite approach: