First of all, I am very happy with Scrivener. This is a neat app.

I’m using Scrivener for writing stuff to be published on Wattpad. And I’m definitely not the only one as a google search for “scrivener site:wattpad.com” shows.

Now, “I have a dream”—in fact, I have two of them:

  1. Wattpad supports basic formatting (bold/undercase/italic and /left/center/right alignment). Unfortunately, these are not preserved when copy/pasting between scrivener and Wattpad’s web or ios clients.

I know that Wattpad’s web client does support formatting through the clipboard (I assume through some basic rtf) because most of the formatting is preserved when copy/pasting from a google doc displayed in the chrome web browser to the wattpad web client, and it would be awesome if that worked for Scrivener too. (At least through some “Export to Clipboard for Wattpad” command, and “Import through Clipboard from Wattpad”)

  1. Wattpad distinguishes between line separators and paragraph separators (just as Scrivener does). When copy/pasting between the MacOS version of scrivener and Wattpad’s web client, they transfer correctly. However, when using Wattpad’s iOS client, this does not work because the Wattpad iOS client encodes (I guess) line separators as CR and paragraph separators as CR+CR.

It would be great to have support to optionally export a text to the clipboard (or import it) where the line and paragraph separators are converted “on the fly”.

Hope I have been able to write this in a manner that is understandable. If not, I am happy to elaborate.

And yes, I know, coding is a lot of work and there’s only so much time anyone has, so I don’t hold my breath here :wink:


And, while I’m at it, here are two pet peeves of mine:

  • Any chances of iCloud synching? (Yes, I’ve read all the threads and the blog post about the topic, but iCloud does keep evolving, and Apple somehow does manage to maintain data integrity in bundle documents). I know there’s dropbox, but I am loath to install the Mac client of this data kraken on my desktop machine…

  • Grammarly support! (I know that ProWritingAid supports reading Scrivener projects, kind of, but I think it’s scary having some third party app doing stuff in my scrivener projects; and Grammarly is a better spell checker (though it lacks some of ProWritingAid’s other features)


Thanks for reading this.

Have you tested to Compile to html and import that into Watt?

Wattpad does not support importing html (I think there used to be a feature for importing chapters from files, not sure if that was html, but that has been removed). Anyway, the only way to do this nowadays is copy/paste. And copy/pasting html as text does not work (don’t know if that would work if the clipboard type were public.html, but that would require programming)

I haven’t used WattPad, but the best solution for WordPress seems to be to Compile to Word format, then copy and paste to the WordPress editor.


Grammarly support is high on my wish-list (followed by Touchbar integration). I use Grammarly daily in all my writing, but sadly not my creative writing as the round trip workflow of Scrivener > Grammarly > Scrivener is… tedious.

I’d also like to see improved support for the functionality Grammarly brings to the table. It’s not a replacement for a human editor, but it makes a reasonable first pass. I’m not pushing for Grammarly support specifically, but for the functionality that it, another 3rd party tool or an advanced built-in Scrivener module could potentially provide.

I’m surprised that Grammarly gets away with convincing people that cut/paste is acceptable application integration in 2017.

ProWritingAid support would also be awesome. Grammarly is good for general writing, but ProWritingAid is great for writing prose as it does so much more (pacing, dialogue, etc.)