Way to set a daily word count goal?

Is there a way to set a daily word count goal in scrivener? For Example, I would like the app to show me when I’ve written 3000 words.

Under Statistics, in the View menu, choose “Project Targets”. To set a session target, click the second ‘0’ at the bottom and type in your goal. You can leave this little window open if you wish, and off to the side. It will count as you type.

I read (in a blog) that there’s some way to have the target word count showing as a bar at the bottom of the page, which gradually fills up and then changes to green as you finish. How do you do this? Sorry, but I’ve searched the tutorial and can’t find a reference to it.

Click on the little target icon on the right of the footer view below the text. It’s under the section on the text view in “Views” in the Help file (probably not the most obvious place, but a search on “target” should bring it up).

Oh, thank you - excellent!

By the way, I searched the tutorial for ‘target’ and got several hits, but each of these hits was a big long article, and I couldn’t see any way to search within an article for the word ‘target’. Is there one? Hitting command-f just brought me back to the original search.

This happens to me when I click in the toolbar in the searchfield, type a word and press enter. If I then press command-f it’ll go back to the searchfield. However, if I select one of the documents on the left and then click in the document on the right (I hope this makes sense). Then you can press command-g to hop to the next word you searched for.

I hope this makes sense, you can search within an article, but it does take an extra step.



Yeah, the cmd-F thing is messed up in the Help book on Leopard. I have no idea why Apple made the Help book a floating panel that can’t properly get the keyboard focus in Leopard - it makes it impossible to search Help files for any app that uses the Apple Help Book. Grr.

Not the only Grr in Leopard. The worst has to be that ‘scanning… scanning… scanning…’ thing it does with the AirPort.

Another question - though I should make this a separate one, really: is there any way to ‘Edit Scrivenings’ without first selecting the Draft folder?

Two reasons for this. At any time, when I’m doing a long piece I make lots of little documents and then consolidate the information. So if I have to go and select the main folder, it’s sometimes hard to come back the next day and find where in the story I’ve last been working for.

And at the moment I’m doing Nanowrimo, and it would be handy to have a fast, immediate way of getting an entire word count for the whole project. Or does the Target biz do that?

By the way, the same Target biz doesn’t seem to be retrospective. When first trying it out, I went into a document I was already working in, which was 666 words, and set the ‘target’ for 667 words. But when I typed another word, it didn’t go green. Is there any way to trick it into counting the words you’ve done already?

There will be some changes with accessing Edit Scrivenings in the next update but I’m still working on it.

As for targets, the only one that doesn’t update with work done already is the “Session Targets” one, I believe (intentionally) - the others should all update retrospectively.


Ah, thanks, Keith. I’m trying out the ‘targets’ thing now. Like it a lot so far.

It will be brilliant if you get the Edit Scrivenings to work from anywhere in the document.

A small request - though others may disagree, and also it might be difficult.

I love the way the target turns green when you reach the word count. But wouldn’t it be even cooler if the actual status bar turned green too?