way to vertically center text in a table

Hello everyone.
I’m a new Scrivener3 for Windows user.
I have created a table and want to center the text in it vertically, but I can’t find the formatting.
The Mac version seems to have that formatting, but the Windows version is missing a setting.
Is there a way to vertically center text in a table in the Windows version?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello freeks, welcome to the forum.

To center the text within a cell in a table you can select the text and use the “Center Text” tool in the formatting toolbar, just as you would for regular text on a page.

Scrivener for Mac has a few more features because it uses the Mac OS text tools, which have some differences from the tools used in Scrivener for Windows. For instance, the ability to move rows up and down, and columns left and right, as well as sort rows ascending and descending.

In addition, Scrivener’s native RTF format only has limited support of tables, so you won’t find all the features that you would in, Microsoft Word for example. As table construction within Scrivener is fairly limited, I would suggest that you leave any advanced formatting until you compile the project, then compile to docx and edit the tables using Word or similar.

Thank you for your reply, Kazz.
I understand that the Windows version does not have advanced settings for tables.
Scrivener is a good software and I would be happy if in the future the Windows version can be vertically centered like the Mac version.
Thank you for your advice on another way to do this.